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How to Recharge your Camera's Battery
Posted by Rubens K. Cunha on 29 August 2012 11:40 AM

To recharge the battery of your camera, please power your camera off and connect to an external power supply via the USB cable provided. Either connecting to your computer port or a mains power supply using an adaptor. Please note we only recommend using a 5V adaptor, as to not short circuit your camera.

The process is then slightly different for each camera model. 

Drift HD 1080p & 720p: The camera's LED will be lit blue indicating that the battery is charging, and turn off once fully charged.

Drift HD Ghost: The camera's LED will be lit red indicating the battery is charging, and turn off once fully charged. When plugged into a computer the LCD screen will show a USB sign, whereas when plugged into a power supply your camera should read 'Charging…' In all instances the camera will be charging correctly provided the LED is lit red.

This process takes on average four hours for a full charge.

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